Beyonce in new Got Milk? Advert

September 29, 2006 | Comments 2

While mothers pass down genetic traits of body shape, hair and eye color to their daughters, they influence their daughters’ eating habits, physical activity, dieting behaviors and body image more than they may realize, according to a panel of experts speaking at the Mother-Daughter Role Modeling Summit, hosted by the Milk Processor Education Program. The Summit was the first-ever scientific meeting to explore the collective research behind a mother’s impact as a “healthy behaviors” role model. The evidence suggests that mothers model both positive and negative behaviors, often unintentionally, which are in turn learned by impressionable daughters through the “daughter see, daughter do” phenomenon.

The got milk? campaign is throwing the spotlight on the importance of role modeling and milk’s link to healthy weight with a new ad featuring designer Tina Knowles and her superstar daughter Beyonce’, which was unveiled at the Summit. The celebrity mother-daughter duo are partners in the House of Dereon clothing line who strongly believe in passing down good habits like drinking milk from generation to generation. “While I was growing up, my mother set a good example for me, which included eating right and drinking milk,” said Tina. “I have passed that on to my daughters, and now my grandson. Keeping ourselves busy with the clothing line and Beyonce’s new movie, we manage our weight by watching what we eat and drinking milk is a big part of that.”

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  1. Charmagne Dulaney says:

    Beyonce would be a good model but my children were put off of her by me when she appeared wearing fur and now promoting milk? She surely does not care about animal cruelty at all.

  2. Hana says:

    I cant see the image?
    what is the meaning of the got milk advert!?

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