Beyonce to judge on X-Factor?

January 28, 2010 | Comments 19

What, apart from a well-deserved break, is next for Beyoncé? Well, if all goes according to some elaborate blueprints drawn up by noted Robert Pattinson aficionado Simon Cowell, then a stint on his hit British series X Factor as a guest judge. This would then make Beyoncé the third pop diva to serve on the judges’ panel, the other two being Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue. Confides a source, possibly Minogue’s unborn baby, “Simon leaves nothing to chance and is planning for the future already. He wants to bring in Beyoncé. And what Simon wants, Simon gets. Expect Beyoncé on the panel. Nothing has been confirmed yet because the deal hasn’t been sealed…but she’ll be there in some form.” Adds the source, “It’s difficult to get A-listers to commit to a six-month slot as a full judge, but a fortnight is a lot simpler. Simon wants to extend the mentoring to the judging panel so you get to hear what the stars really think.” More complications have arisen though, as Cole herself may leave the talent show at the end of its next season, to pursue motherhood or the American Dream.

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  1. Beyonce4Ever says:

    She s so gorgeous in that dress! Would defo watch Xfactor if she d be judging…

  2. mimoza says:

    hello you’re very hot

  3. BEYLOVER's says:

    yes she’s so very sexy, hum!!

  4. Henry says:

    lovely beyonce, my galfriend to be is beta tho……

  5. khubisa says:

    i wish one day yoh!

  6. mery says:

    you are biutful

  7. Nuzii Knowles says:

    Ahh it would’ve been better if it was Beyonce, Simon Cowell, Loui Walsh and Danni Minogue as X Factor Judges, they’d have more viewers because everyone loves Beyonce! XD. And plus…she’s talented.

  8. AYLA says:


  9. shyna says:

    Beyonce is an pretty lady and haves lots of stuff to think about in her life that she loves ……. please read this beyonce please do this will help u think bout your self and the things u do ………. bye bye …. =) have an nice day thank u for listening . Do the right thing in life go too church every Sunday if u can. It will help u under stand… and always listen to the song never could of made it is an great song to help u……. !!!!!!! I love ur songs…

  10. ursula samantha says:

    i love everything bout crazy bout scared of lonely one of my favourite tracks keep it up gal.u r a definitely a DIVA.

  11. J.joe says:

    4 me i would say u look hot and 2 attracting

  12. J.joe says:

    4 me i would say u look so cute and 2 acttracting

  13. johnboy says:

    she is fantastic

  14. HEAVEN says:

    ILOVE YOU IDOL VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. saeid says:

    hi, i love you beyonce
    very very …

  16. saeid says:

    if wish a kiss …

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