Beyonce Helps College Students Sneak Into The Super Bowl

Two college students were able to successfully sneak into the Super Bowl with the help of Beyoncé! Of course, the super star was unaware that she was helping. Beyoncé’s half time performance provided a distraction which allowed them to sneak in a loading dock for trucks. We can hardly place blame for the lack of security. Who would not find a Beyoncé performance absolutely mesmerizing?

The two took a video of their exploits as they made their way inside. Tickets to the Superbowl cost in excess of $850 for just the cheap seats which was way out of their price range so they opted for the illegal method. Fortunately for them, they escaped undetected and have not been contacted by the NFL or the stadium authorities.

They only stayed through the Beyoncé performance and then exited through the front doors of the stadium. They were too scared that they would be caught since security was so tight. After wards, they began to realize what a security risk their sneak entry had been. If two students could do it, why not terrorists?

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