Where Do You Listen To Beyonce The Most?

We asked readers where they like to listen to Beyoncé the most and we got some great responses:

“In my car. My car is kind of a piece of crap, but the stereo is pretty awesome. I just call it my stereo on wheels. I love to crank up Beyoncé while I’m driving. It’s like being in a different world for a little while.” — Tanya, Minnesota

“I’m a runner and, yes, I actually like it, OK? It feels great to get outside and move, you know? Anyway, I like to slip on my ear buds while I’m jogging and dive deep into some Beyoncé. I love my iPhone for that. It’s basically my whole life in a little package” — Heather, CA

“I like to listen to Beyoncé by the pool. I am basically sun girl and I spend at least an hour or two by the water every day. I don’t use headphones since we have a waterproof marine stereo with marine speakers by our pool like these. It sounds really awesome. I can’t turn it up as loud as I want to or the neighbors will freak, but it is still really great.” — Dawn, Florida

“I don’t have one place where I listen to Beyoncé! I listen to her everywhere on my iPod!” Tina — Arizona